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What Miss Marina Knows ... and What She Doesn't.

My Bud.

3/10/09 01:51 pm - My Bud.

As is the story of my LJ life, I've been meaning to update in detail in here about the goings on in the past year. One of the most important and utterly wonderful things that happened in the past few months was the welcoming of two delightful kitties who joined my odd little family just before Christmas. I've been planning on writing up a post just about them. Two abandoned 4 month old kittens found wandering in the yard at my friend's house. All I was planning to do to help my friend out was transport them up to the vet to see if they were microchipped so their owners could be found. Who am I kidding? I fell in love with them both instantly and knew the moment the vet said they had no owners that they'd be coming home with me.

And home with me they came.

Two little brothers. Bud and George.

This is my Bud:

A beautiful souled cat. So gentle. Serene. Always looked out for his little brother George. He knew he was home the moment he stepped foot in my house. A peculiar little puss that would check up on you every half hour, meowing at the window or the door to make sure you were around. A little eating machine that savoured his food just like a conoisseur. He'd watch you as much as you watched him. He was a consummate observer and enjoyed just sitting on a perch with a view looking at the world around him.

You'll notice I'm now describing him in past tense.

This morning, my little Bud was run over and killed by a car on the road outside the house.

I was awoken at about 6:30am by such heart-wrenching yells of "oh no, oh no" coming from my brother outside. I thought it was a dream. I ran outside to find my brother weeping and craddling our little Buddy in his arms, both Bud and my brother covered in blood, our next door neighbour standing by them in both shock and helplessness, his hand on my brother's arm, trying to steady him. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was already dead. It happened so quick. That's the only thing that is getting me through this horrible, awful day - that Bud didn't suffer long.

We've taken him to the vet to be cremated.

I keep looking at the window, waiting to hear his beckoning little meow.

My heart is broken. My little Buddy took a piece of my heart with him. I'm so glad I was able to give Bud a home. And he in turn gave me one too.
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