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What Miss Marina Knows ... and What She Doesn't.

I know it's been an eon since I've written in here. I simply haven't…

7/19/09 11:49 pm

I know it's been an eon since I've written in here. I simply haven't had the creative (or ventful) urge to spill my guts and inner workings for a long, long time. A lot has transgressed in my world and I should put finger to keyboard to write about it. Since much of my world at the moment revolves around sitting in front of a computer either for work or intense study lately, I've had both hardly any time to write about it, nor the actual wanting to.

Hmmm... methinks the wanting to was/is a big problem. I think I wrote a lot of my entries in the past for others to read, not only for my own personal purposes. So a lack of faith or interest in what others would read in my monotonous world has stopped me from writing.

Yes, that and the fact I simply have hardly had time to even scratch my arse lately as it felt like I was doing a billion and one things at once. Now I'm at a sort of crossroads, and it's a bit scary. Intimidating.

A lot of my time the past year has been spent intensely studying on a new career path. Mmmm. I hate the word "career". Let's choose another, shall we? How about just a "new path". Yes, that's better.

I've had hiccups, pause buttons, and awful bumps along that hard road, and now that I've passed my studies and am facing a new path challenge I'm a tad terrified.

I've been thinking I need to write these fears down so that I can face them head on so that it won't stop me from taking the first real steps down this lush green path.

So I've simply used this post to take out the cork that's stopped up my writing and must try to find time to get all this out. I think I've got a backlog that needs a good cleaning out.
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