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What Miss Marina Knows ... and What She Doesn't.

Never argue with an idiot...

7/22/09 06:04 pm - Never argue with an idiot...

I certainly win idiot of the day award today.

Clairvoyant: "I sense a very strong female spirit guide with you, one of two female guides. Very close. A name starting with "G". Yes, definitely "G". Who's the "G"?"

Marina looks at the Clairvoyant blankly. She thinks to herself, "I don't know any "G"s that have passed. All the strong female "G"s in my life are still here in this dimension, thank goodness! Glenda, Zia Germana - they're still here. And big YAYs for that! "

"I don't know," Marina says to the Clairvoyant, confusedly, whilst trying to figure out who it could possibly be.

The Clairvoyant insists, "Definitely "G". Gab, Gabe, Gabriella. Hmmm... very similar to Gabriella, but not quite. It's close, but not the same. Gabriella... no, but yes, very, very close."

Marina shakes her head. The Clairvoyant moves on to other aspects of the reading. It was a nice, positive, reading. One that I will take with a grain of salt and not invest all my hopes and wishes in, but one that gives me the added bonus of strengthening and affirming the changes I've made and will make for the future. Many things she said were simply uncanny that should bend even the most immovable of skeptics. As Carl Sagan once said, "Have an open mind, but not open so much as your brain falls out".

But back to my idiocy...

So this afternoon when my brother gets home from work, I tell him bits and pieces about my reading. It's only then, 5 HOURS after it do I realise who the female "G" must be.

My mum's name was Graziella.

Yes, Idiot of the Day Award!

But, like Nerida said tonight, that wasn't my mum's name - my mum's name was "Mum"! Hehehehe
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