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What Miss Marina Knows ... and What She Doesn't.

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1/26/09 05:59 pm - Stole-ded from capsuper

I guess it's fairly much right! Hehehehe.

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1/21/09 04:58 am - President Obama!



We've got them BACK, people!

1/20/09 11:24 pm - Oooh... I'm so excited. And emotional. And filled with hope!!!

Bloomin' LJ is going all funny with in the User Pics dept., so I can't use the pic I wanted to express my sheer excitement about the wonderful moment that's going to happen in a few hours time when President Barack Obama takes the world's problems on his strong, brave shoulders. (I wanted to use exclamation marks at the end of that sentence, but as I was typing it I really felt what a truly awesome, magnificent, and solemn moment it will be, so for some reason I didn't think an exclamation mark would be appropriate. For once! Ooops, there goes one... hehehe.)

Wow. Just wow. Simply WOW.

The inauguration will be on at 4am Sydney time, and yes, the Bertoz Family will be up, ready and waiting with tv remote in hand, the dark, star-lit pre-dawn filling the backyard void, me flipping channels in nervous excitement, trying to scour and scoop the best coverage, my brother yelling at me to keep it on "one bloody channel!". Oh, how I wish from the depths of my heart that my parents were alive to see this day. I still remember my mum sitting me down and explaining the terrible history (and present, for that matter) endured by African Americans. We were waiting - like the rest of the world - to watch "Roots" with them back in the 70's, and she wanted my brother and I to truly understand what it was all about. It's an experience that truly shaped my heart. Then, in the weeks after the final episodes aired, my mum would continually say either to us or to herself out loud that "one day there would be an African American President who will heal the world of its hurtful history". She was absolutely adamant about it. And in my childish heart I wondered why she said it like it was a dream to accomplish. An impossibility. That there were things in motion in the world that I didn't understand and that were actively stopping it. I truly didn't understand why it was such a difficult thing to accomplish because in my childish heart I never realised that the colour of one's skin, the accent of one's voice, the religion one followed made a difference to some people. Made a difference of hate. And baseless fear. And violence. How incredibly lucky I am to have had such tolerant, wise, and empathetic parents whose respect for all peoples of all nationalities, creeds and beliefs seeped into my own soul and spirit so naturally and effortlessly.

Oh, but enough babble from me at the moment - I need to grab a few Zzzzs so I'm absolutely refreshed for this incredible, historic day!!!


1/9/09 07:50 pm - So... where was I?

... mmmm... yes, I think I'm satisfied with my layout. There's only so much I can't adjust with the basic text layouts in here, which means I'll just have to accept that it can't be perfect and simply be happy with that. The background is pretty and very "me" so I'm satisfied. And hopefully that will be my motto from now on. I must try to let go of even just an iota of my perfectionism because I'm worried it's going to eventually destroy me. It erodes at and places doubt in the faith of my talents. And that pisses me off.

Now, just because I finished my layout, that doesn't mean I've got time to update properly! What a complete tease I am! Hehehehe... well, I've got to tease myself since I have no significant other at the moment to have fun with!

The photo of the butterfly to the left, by the way, is a Marina original. It was taken at the zoo a few years ago. I shoved my camera lens down a magnifying hole which showed some insect specimens. I almost turned blue trying to hold my breath to keep my hands still for the long-ish exposure. I hope Mr Butterfly had some good flying time before being encapsulated for posterity in order for humans to peer at and awe at his beauty.

1/9/09 04:00 am - She's back? Is she kidding???!!!

Yes! New LJ layout designed by MOI! Yes, by ME, for those who have no Frenchiness in them at all! Have a looooooooot to fix, but it's 4 friggin' a-m & I seriously need to get my toosh to bed. But it's a start people. A start of coming back in here and writing some consistent drivel. You know me... can't start afresh without some creative input and inspiration first. Anyhoos, bed first. Write tomorrow.

11/12/08 01:29 pm

Because I have 2 seconds to myself and feel incredibly guilty for not posting more often...

I could play this over and over and over and over.

It makes me happy.

And makes all the stressors in my life dissolve away...


8/19/08 11:39 pm

Was just involved for the past 2 1/2 hours as being the mediator in an on-going, long-winded, bad-blood-festering domestic dispute between two neighbours (neither of which are mine, and who, in fact, live about 5 suburbs away). I am now tired. Making people calm the fuck down is bloody tiring.

But me rocking as I do, I got them to calm down and promise to at least try to find a decent, workable median ground.

For now.

Or at least tonight.

However long it is, I don't care. The fact they could be civil to one another for a half hour is more than even the Dalai Lama could expect. So a fairly good job done by me. Please don't hold any applause. Feel free to give me a pat on the back. I need it and effing deserve it.

Am not tired enough for bed, though. So I think I'll chill my own emotions down with a helping of my Degrassi High DVD box set.

Yes, nothing like a good dose of Canadian "abooots" to make the world seem all better and far more rational.

Sheesh... I'm even too tired to type exclamation marks.


Oops - there goes one. Hehehe.

7/27/08 11:08 pm - Well.

To start off with:


It's been a long time.

I have a lot to write.

I think I know where to start, but am procrastinating quite a bit.

So I won't write about it all right now.

Procrastination = 1.

Me = 0.

5/13/08 01:55 pm


I very muchly needed to do that.

Was it cathartic? Reliving? Refreshing? Lavaging?

Am not sure yet.

3/27/08 08:06 am - Vale, Mr Widmark.

A great actor, and an even greater Man.

You'll be in good company Upstairs, Mr W.
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